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Client Comments

“Incredibly knowledgable about Marin’s housing stock, both what is on the market and off, Vance & Anna truly set the standard for excellence in real estate… I wouldn’t want to buy a house in Marin without them!”
Stacie Grant, Novato


“Vance and Anna were invaluable when my mother’s health issues required us to sell her home quickly. We highly recommend their services to any buyer or seller. They listen, they care, and they will make it happen.”
K.C. & Ann Green, Healdsburg


“You were always there to answer my calls. You took care of all those details. I really felt like you were my partner. Trust is a powerful thing!”
David Brunhofer, Petaluma


”…Their understanding of the conditions of the market and how to best present the property allowed us to sell the house in a matter of days at a price well above our expectations with several attractive back up offers at the ready! “
Clay B. Lifflander, New York City


“I believe Vance and Anna could not have been more competent and professional. They arranged every step of the transaction. Almost all of the transaction was completed via telephone, email and FAX. I am a very satisfied client and recommend Vance and Anna Frost without reservation.”
Delores A. Sanford, Reno NV


“From our first conversation until I signed the final papers, I was clearly associated with professionals who anticipated my every question. I would recommend them to anyone, and will use them myself in the future.”
Peter Kilkus, Former Mayor and Council Member, San Anselmo


“We can’t recommend Vance and Anna highly enough. As a team they bring an extraordinarily strong combination of hospitality, practical knowledge and savvy. They are people of excellent character and integrity. We would recommend them, without hesitation, to anyone looking to buy or sell a house in Marin.”
The Rev. Christopher and Chloe Martin, San Anselmo


“Anna and Vance are the best…..!!!! there was not a moment when I wondered if I was being well served by the agents.
Congratulations to Frank Howard Allen for having agents with such integrity.”
Barbara Lee, Novato 


They are very well informed in all areas of Marin and were an invaluable resource in recommending individuals that could provide reliable and detailed specifics in their expertise. Above all, Anna and Vance’s honesty, patience and flexibility allowed us to quickly develop a confidence in them as collaborators in the difficult task of finding our home to be.

Kirk and Clara Gray, Novato


Their knowledge allowed us to ask all manner of questions and at points along the way when one of us got freaked, they were always available to reassure us. Their “non-anxious presence” assisted us to buy our home with the minimum of stress. These words don’t begin to express our appreciation for both Vance and Anna. We felt supported and understood all along the way.
Sam & Barbara Alexander, Fairfax


Muir Woods, Marin County

Muir Woods National Park 

Serenity, beauty, majesty. Muir Woods is as fine an example as you can get for the quality of Marin County Life. One of dozens of regional and national parks in the County, the North Bay is a Paradise for hikers, bikers, botanists, picnics, and fresh air. Muir Woods is an old growth coastal redwood forest. It was declared a National Monument in 1908 and was the first to be created from land donated by a pricate individual. This kind of dedication to our natural beauty and resources continues to this day. Due to its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, the forest is regularly shrouded in a coastal fog, contributing to a wet environment that encourages vigorous plant growth. The fog is also vital for the growth of the redwoods as they use moisture from the fog during the dry summer.

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